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Summer Intern Program

The Emerging Professional/Naturalist Intern Program is the longstanding program at the Adirondack Interpretive Center in Newcomb, NY made possible by the Adirondack Park Institute members.  This popular program is an 8 week intensive and interactive experience.  It provides a college student, majoring in education/natural science the opportunity to work for the summer gaining real time experience designing workshops and interpretive programs that  teach at the Center and along the trails at the Interpretive Center.  Getting people outdoors and helping them learn about and understand the unique beauty of the Adirondacks is an integral part of the intern’s experience.  Guided walks, bird identification or searching for various leaves or animal tracks, the intern tailors each program to a specific age group.  Fostering a lifelong love and interest in the natural environment is a key element of this program and there have been many repeat visitors through the years.

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